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For many years now surgeons in this country and in many countries around the world have been using barbed sutures to lift soft tissues in the face. The barbed sutures that are used are usually made out of a 2-0 polypropylene with cogs/barbs cut into the suture with a razor blade or some other sharp object. These sutures are being manufactured all in the same fashion here in the USA as well as in numerous other countries. Some surgeons are now cutting their own thread on a simple fixture with a groove using a razor blade to cut the barbs at their own specific places.

KMI has after 3 years learned a great deal working with these sutures when doing several workshops with the inventors of the Silhouette Lift technique using conventional barbed sutures, the 2 Russian surgeons called Marlen and George Sulamanidze. When cutting the barbs on a suture it is very hard to control the depth of the cut into the sutures. When the cut is made to deep it weakens the strength of the suture. When the thread is surgically placed and breaks, it then has to be removed sometimes folding back and breaking off the cogs and leaving them or even part of the suture inside the patients face. This can become a nuisance for the patient in time or create further complications such as thread migration. A prickling sensation has also sometimes been noticeable by patients after surgery. The sharp barb which is the only point that anchors on the tissue sometimes folds back or breaks off when placed in the face. This then results in less anchoring and are affecting the final results.

Having learned all of these possible complications and always keeping the patients safety and satisfaction in mind K.M.I. has designed, manufactured, performed studies and patented a new revolutionary suture called the Silhouette Suture. K.M.I. has teamed up with the well known Roberto Pizzamiglio MD to further streamline the design of this new Silhouette Suture. Roberto Pizzamiglio MD who lectures on his facial lifting procedures now incorporates the Silhouette sutures in his special technique.

This new Silhouette suture is not a cut suture, therefore not weakening the strength.

This new Silhouette suture is perfectly round, therefore no more prickling sensation.

This new Silhouette suture has clear hollow absorbable flexible cones, therefore allowing a much larger area for tissue growth in and around the absorbable cones and alternate knots, which allow for stronger and longer lasting anchoring.

This new Silhouette suture will not migrate due to the unique design.

This new Silhouette sutures has clear absorbable cones which will completely absorb in time and be less visible.

This new Silhouette suture is a 3-0 suture which allows for smaller knot tying into the temporal area.

All these improvements will provide for better results and a much happier patient. So if you want the original Silhouette Lift procedure today, insist that your surgeon only uses the new Silhouette Suture and that he/she has been trained in the new Silhouette Lift technique.



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