The new Silhouette MID-FACE Suture is an entirely new suture used for lifting soft tissues in the facial areas. It is also being tested for use in different areas of the human body as well. Compared to the conventional barbed suture, the unique patent pending design of Silhouette MID-FACE Suture allows for tissue growth inside and around flexible, absorbable hollow cones, therefore creating a much stronger anchoring mechanism.

The Silhouette MID-FACE Suture is different than barbed sutures. Barbed suture is created when cuts are made in the shaft of conventional sutures, weakening the inherent strength of the thread. Silhouette MID-FACE Sutures utilize clear, flexible, absorbable cones. Once the cones are completely absorbed, tissue growth around the small knots will allow for tissue suspension.

This groundbreaking Silhouette MID-FACE Suture, designed by KMI, is manufactured using a 3-0 polypropylene substrate. This allows for smaller knot tying in the temporal area. Furthermore, these sutures can safely be removed after the cones are completely absorbed.

  • No cuts to weaken suture strength

  • Suture shape is perfectly round, no sharp barbs

  • Clear, absorbable hollow cones allow for more tissue growth and long-lasting anchoring

  • 3-0 Suture allows for smaller knot tying

The Silhouette MID- FACE Suture is inserted through a small incision on the temporal area, using an attached 8 inch x 20 gauge straight needle. The suture goes through superficial sub- cutaneous tissue, exiting at the desired location in the malar or sub-malar/peri-oral area.

The Silhouette MID- FACE Sutures are deployed in the super- ficial fibro-adipose tissue of the face (lower temporal, malar and peri-oral area). The sutures are placed slightly parallel to each other, but with a broader base at the level of the lower face and decreasing separation as the temporal area is approached.

The Silhouette MID- FACE Sutures are pulled backwards through the temporal area until the cones engage the fibrore- ticular fibers of the subcutaneous tissue of the face. Further traction with the Silhouette MID-FACE Sutures will produce mobilization and displacement of the facial tissues, suspending them to a higher desired location.

The Silhouette MID- FACE Sutures are fixed in pairs to the deep temporal facia which has been reinforced with a non-absorbable mesh at the level of the temporal incision, using a pre-loaded half-curved non-cutting needle.

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