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Silhouette Mid-face Suture™ Receives TGA Approval in Australia

For Immediate Release: May 7, 2007 (Corona), California

Kolster Methods, Inc. (K.M.I.), Launches Silhouette Mid-face Suture™

For Immediate Release: November 2, 2006 (Corona), California – Kolster Methods, Inc., the inventor and developer of the semi-bioabsorbable Silhouette Mid-face Suture™ for the fixation of soft tissue in the aesthetic and plastic and reconstructive surgery markets, announced today that it has released the  Silhouette Mid-face Suture™device for commercial sale in all U.S. markets. The Silhouette Mid-face Suture™device received FDA clearance in October 2006.

Plastic Surgery Products

The Suture of the Future?

by N.D. Moscoe, MD, FACS, and Nicanor Isse, MD

A new specialty suture is on the market. It can be used for closed or open midface lifts.

For more information contact K.M.I. at 951-737-5476.

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