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Kolster Methods, Inc. began in 1983. KMI continues to strive for excellence as the global leader in the manufacturing of aesthetic surgery instruments, surgical infusion pumps, aspiration devices, post surgical compression wear and new product research.

The company has continued this innovative leadership with the introduction of a combination line of devices with emerging technologies to accent minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Today Kolster Methods, Inc. is a vertically integrated company with extensive resources for innovative research and development, efficient manufacturing and a strong global distribution capability. We are committed to delivering the highest quality surgical instruments, equipment and aesthetic medical products that provide a beneficial value in your patient care.

Kolster Methods, Inc. strives to provide a positive difference you can see and feel in our products. Feedback from our valued customers is critical in our continuous improvement toward meeting your expectations. We trust you will communicate to us how we may improve or assist you better. Whether in education, technical assistance or new product development, we are poised to partner.

We hope this web site provides the information you are searching for. You can also call us directly at 951-737-5476. 

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